Art’s Mountain Vista Farm Story

“I think that if you’re in the situation where you need help, you should definitely avail yourself: come to Mountain Vista Farms and take a look.”

Before I came to Mountain Vista Farm I had had a period of approximately two years where I’d been drinking rather heavily. It just started with a little bit of whiskey. Then it would escalate to about a half a glass of whiskey, and then it ended up being two to three glasses of whiskey – big water tumblers – to go to sleep at night. It went from there to continuing to drink in the mornings and throughout the day just to kind of keep myself energized.

My wife, my brother, and my children did what I would describe as a mini intervention. Ultimately they were the ones – particularly my wife – who called Mountain Vista Farm and brought me up here.


When I arrived here I was treated with a lot of love, care, and concern. People worked with us to make us feel welcome and start the process of rehabilitation. I had read the material and looked at the video online and it seemed like a nice place to go, but I will say I was quite resistant to coming. But my wife and my family were more insistent that I’d come here if we were going to maintain the relationship we’ve maintained for over 40 years.

My expectations were far exceeded in respect to how everyone treated us and the curriculum. The whole sense of how they build community: we were eating together, doing work, and things of that nature. A rehabilitation period of 28 days such as at Mountain Vista Farms is a great opportunity and is almost necessary unless you’re one of these utterly unique individuals who can wean yourself off of alcohol by going to one of the programs that are non-resident.

However I wasn’t able to do that. So from my standpoint it’s really almost required that you go to a facility such as this to be able to start the process of rehabilitation from addiction.


My wife and I were married for 40 years prior to me coming to this facility. Now we’ve been married 42 years since it’s been two years since I’ve been here. My wife made it really clear to me that she was not going to divorce me, but she was going to leave me if I didn’t come to a facility like this and seek treatment for the addiction I had with alcohol. 

In my case all things ended well and we’re continuing to enjoy a relationship that is beautiful. I must say I’m quite thankful to my wife that she really was a strong person and urged me to come here. If you’re looking for a rehabilitation facility I would suggest that you definitely look at Mountain Vista Farm.

My wife and I visited two other facilities besides Mountain Vista Farm and ultimately we determined that this would be the best place for me to come. I think that if you’re in the situation where you need help you should definitely avail yourself: come to Mountain Vista Farm and take a look.