After hitting bottom and a night of trying both. I woke to that moment of clarity. I called a lot of spin drys and mountain vista farm was the only one that said come in now. With three days of white knuckling it, my wife drove me to the farm. At first glance I thought I was in one flew over the coocoos nest. I was willing to try anything. I slept for a couple of days and the work began. We worked the three steps on a daily basis. Had to pick feelings off a feeling chart every morning and I started getting cocky. I would come in singing feelings.
I was a smart ass. One morning I walked in and there was one chair in the middle, surrounded by a circle of chairs. It was for me. I sat in the middle and everyone told me the truth. A young kid told me I wasn’t going to make it. Another women told me I was probably a decent guy under all my BS. My recovery really began at that point.
We did a paper on the history of our addiction. We did letters to the heart with our loved ones. I was responsible for another human being wet watch. Ralph kept us well fed. I learned to listen to my inner voice which I call God..
Instead of 28 days, I stayed for 31. Came back for the Sunday AA meetings many times. They used to say they cooked me good…
I drank once 1.5 years later. It just reinforced I was really done. I’m still married to the wonderful woman who planned to drop me off and start divorce papers. My twins were 11. Now we have 4 grandsons.

The farm opened the gateway to a future I never imagined.
Forever grateful.
Greg, Fairfield