At Mountain Vista Farm, we embrace and support the diversity of our community. Our inclusive environment ensures that every individual, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, feels welcomed, respected, and valued on their journey toward recovery.

We recognize the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, especially when it comes to seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Here, you’re not just another client; you’re a valued member of our community, deserving of empathy, respect, and personalized care.

Our treatment programs are designed with an understanding of the nuances of identity. We offer:

  • Client-Centered Therapy: Tailored to acknowledge and support your unique experiences related to sexual orientation and gender identity, ensuring your recovery path is as individual as you are.
  • Specialized Support Groups: Spaces where you can share and learn from peers who understand the LGBTQ+ community’s recovery journey.
  • Comprehensive Education: Empowering you and your loved ones with knowledge that respects and includes diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Cultural Competency: A team trained in inclusivity, always ready to provide support that is sensitive to the needs of all clients, particularly those from the LGBTQ+ community.

Mountain Vista Farm pledges to uphold a culture of inclusivity and respect, continuously educating our staff and adapting our programs to meet the evolving needs of our community.

If you’re seeking a place where your full self is embraced and where your recovery is supported by a community that values diversity, Mountain Vista Farm is here for you. Take the first step towards a life of sobriety, growth, and joy in an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every journey is honored.

Contact Us to learn more about our inclusive environment and how we can support your journey to recovery.

Offering Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Services.

Amazing journey here!

Amazing journey here!

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