About Mountain Vista Farm


From our clients:

They are an incredible working team of professionals who really do actually care.
– Rebecca L.

Our History

Mountain Vista FarmMountain Vista Farm holds a special place in the history of alcohol and drug rehab in California and in the hearts of many recovering people. Originally “Truman’s Mountain Vista Farm,” the program is, as far as we can determine, the oldest addiction treatment facility of its type in Northern California. Over the years, “Truman’s” came to represent a place of safety, support and recovery.

After a half-century, our clients continue to find this serene, private, secluded environment a place of healing. The accommodations are simple and rustic. The scenery is beautiful through all seasons of the year. Mountain Vista Farm offers a relaxing, down-to-earth setting where residents come to feel at home – and come to find a new life, without the pain of active addiction.

In the early years, Truman’s treated alcoholics only. While alcohol continues to be the primary drug of abuse, we now reach out to clients with all types of drug addictions.

Today, Mountain Vista Farm is considered by many professionals to be the premier addiction treatment facility in Northern California. A video tour is available for you to see the actual site.

Mountain Vista Farm brochure
The support, education, and structure of Mountain Vista Farm’s comprehensive and therapeutic treatment program can help you develop the commitment, skills, and resources necessary to establish healthy, ongoing recovery.

Our Mission:

To Provide:

The most effective treatment for people who suffer because of alcohol and other drugs.

To Help:

Our clients and their families find physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in recovery.

To Increase:

Understanding of addictions, treatment, and recovery in our own team, in our professional community, and in all the communities we serve.

Our Professional Staff

The finest alcohol and drug rehab programs always rely on the finest professional teamwork. The staff at Mountain Vista Farm is a carefully selected team of caring professionals and paraprofessionals who have certain characteristics in common:

  • An understanding of the pain of addiction
  • A heartfelt dedication to the recovery process
  • A deep respect for our clients and their families
  • Specialized education, training and experience in alcohol and drug rehab

Team members, most of whom are in recovery themselves, come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds – each bringing an important perspective to our clients’ treatment. Our team includes chemical dependency counselors, doctors, nurses, marriage and family therapists, and consulting professionals.

If you need help now, there is a member of our team available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Licensing & Certification

Mountain Vista Farm is licensed and certified as an addiction treatment facility by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

The residential program is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Mountain Vista Farm is a proud member of the California Network of Behavioral Health Providers (CALNET).