What Should I Bring With Me?

We look forward to welcoming you to Mountain Vista Farm. We know your decision to enter treatment has not been an easy one, but you have made a great decision that can change your life. We believe you’ll be very happy you’ve made this choice.

While our setting is relaxed and informal in many respects, you will be coming to a structured alcohol and drug addiction recovery center. As with any rehabilitation facility, there are important guidelines, some of which you might not expect without preparation. An example of this is that you should not bring your camera. This guideline helps protect our clients’ confidentiality, but it might be a surprise if you do not know ahead of time. Please help prepare yourself for treatment by reading the following information carefully.

Bring With You:

Prescription Medications: A 30-day supply. Please bring all current medications in their original containers.

Medical Information:

  • Insurance cards, including Rx numbers.
  • Names and telephone numbers for doctors and therapists who are currently treating you.

Clothes: Bring comfortable, casual clothes. You will not need to pack for a full month, since there are washers and dryers here. Please be aware that you should not bring any shirts that advertise alcohol or drug products. Be sure to include:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Exercise clothes
  • Jacket or a warm sweater
  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Swimming suit and beach towel (summer months)

Personal Items:

  • No cloth masks (We provide sterile masks).
  • Toiletries (nothing containing alcohol)
  • Feminine hygiene supplies
  • Alarm clock
  • Stamps, note paper, and address book
  • We provide bedding, but you may bring your own pillow or comforter
  • Chair pads

You may bring spending money for small items — please do not bring more than $100.

Personal cell phones are permitted only at certain times during treatment.

Smoking and vaping are permitted in designated outdoor areas at Mountain Vista Farm.  


Do NOT Bring:

Alcohol, drugs, coffee, or any other item containing caffeine.

Over-the-counter medications, vitamins. If you feel that you must bring over-the-counter drugs, they must be given to staff on arrival and approved by the physician before they may be used. Please be sure that any over-the-counter medications/vitamins are in the original bottles.

Your car: It is problematic to leave your car at Mountain Vista Farm. We ask that you make arrangements for someone else to drive you or for someone to remove your car from the premises if you must drive yourself.

Valuables: Please leave home any expensive items, such as jewelry or other items of high value.

Other Small Electronics (anything with an internet connection) are not allowed unless approved prior to your admission into the program. You may bring your personal cell phone.

Items not allowed in treatment:

  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Cameras.
  • Computers, electronic games, and anything with an internet connection.
  • Pets (even for visits).
  • Skateboards, golf clubs, other athletic equipment.
  • Over-sized bottles of vitamins, nutritional supplements, or protein powder.

Since we will ask you to focus yourself fully on recovery, we discourage your bringing books and magazines that are not directly recovery related.