Continuing Care

Recovery is “one day at a time” – one of our objectives is to help our clients understand the need for daily attention to their recovery. While we can’t offer a guarantee or estimate the number of people who stay successful in their clean and sober adventures, we do know that those people who keep an active recovery schedule and close ties to other sober peers are most likely to succeed.

 Mountain Vista Farm provides space for recovery support groups including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, linking our clients to sober peers and resources, and hosting meetings on our campus. It is a joy to see our former clients attend meetings to receive their chips and tokens. Our phones are answered by real people – anyone can call us 24/7 for support.

Keys to Success

Because we know that relapse to alcohol or drugs is a process, rather than an event, we assist our clients in learning how to identify and manage their barriers and triggers, with Relapse Prevention Groups that include topics such as “Dealing with Anger,” “High Risk Situations,” and “Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.” One key to relapse prevention is recognizing the changes that occur before a relapse occurs, so action can be taken early in the process. We stress that there is no shame in having a craving or thought of picking up; what is important is to acknowledge the problem in order to move to a solution. As our clients learn new coping skills, and how to navigate each day without alcohol and drugs, the goals they create to support a life of recovery become more attainable and real.