Since 1949, Mountain Vista Farm has offered hope & help to those suffering from
alcohol and drug problems.

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Located in Beautiful Sonoma County.

Mountain Vista Farm is a licensed and certified rehabilitation facility for adults 18 and over who need help with alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

Treatment Options

Concerned about the cost of your treatment? We offer concessions for people that don’t have insurance.

We work to make treatment affordable, so even those without insurance can afford to get help.

Taking the first steps toward recovery from an alcohol or drug problem might look as hard as scaling a mountain. There may, in fact, be a mountain of problems – hurt feelings, worry, loss, or debt. Getting through this can seem like an impossible task as long as drinking or drug use continues.

The good news is that recovery is possible. For some, the road to recovery involves treatment. For thousands, treatment at Mountain Vista Farm has led to a life of recovery.





After a half-century, our clients continue to find healing in our serene, private, secluded environment.

From Our Clients:

Client Testimonial and beautiful tree

MVF gave me the start I needed.

I went to MVF when I was 27 yo. It was February of 1989. I was living down in San Diego and hit bottom. I had been working in restaurants. It wasn’t a good lifestyle for me. I was drinking every night I worked and more often than not, I was doing cocaine. It allowed...
Client Testimonial from Carlos

I still consider MVF my home and a birthplace.

Checked in 12/27/90. Loved Jonathan’s 5 star cooking plus counselor George Salinger. A peaceful, serene environment helped me so much and prepared me for sober living. Loved going back for Sunday meetings and lunch. Stayed sober for 16 years and barely survived a 5...
Client Testimonial from kerry

My life is full of love, hope & gratitude.

January 14, 2012 I walked up the path to Mt. Vista & have been clean ever since. I knew I couldn’t do it alone & asking for help was the last thing I wanted to do but I needed help! I am grateful to have been blessed to be at Mt. Vista, to have taken all the...

The farm opened the gateway to a future I never imagined.

I came to the farm in April of 99 after 23 years of drinking and 8 years on crank. I thought the only way to get sober or die. After hitting bottom and a night of trying both. I woke to that moment of clarity. I called a lot of spin drys and mountain vista farm was the only one that said come in now. With three days of white knuckling it, my wife drove me to the farm. At first glance I thought I was in one flew over the coocoos nest. I was willing to try anything. I slept for a couple of days and the work began. We worked the three steps on a daily basis. Had to pick feelings off a feeling chart every morning and I started getting cocky. I would come in singing feelings.

joshua smiling

Today I am still sober and thankful for mountain vista farm.

8-28-2018 I arrived at the farm. Today I am still sober and thankful for mountain vista farm. Also going back to school to finish my degree in counseling with an emphasis on substance abuse. The farm was the perfect place because they let me still be a person and...

Thank you so much for new beginnings.

I went to mountain vista on October 11, 2006. I’ve been sober for 16 years. I am very grateful for my experience there. The counseling, group, and meetings there were wonderful. It started my journey of recovery. Today I have an amazing life. A beautiful family, and a...

Thanks for all you do.

Just wanted to let you know i was there on Jan 2005. Thanks to you and a woman named Sarah who taught me there could be a new way of life. She was right. Celebrated 18 years this year. Just wanted to let you know i am one of the success stories. Thanks for all you do.

Find a safe, sane, and realistic recovery at Mountain Vista Farm

This was the right time to seek help, but my odds would be much lower if I hadn’t done treatment at Mountain Vista Farm. The entire staff – maintenance, chefs, admin, counselors, nurses/doctors – are focused on supporting clients and guiding them to a safe, sane, and realistic recovery. In particular Hannah is an amazing counselor and facilitator. She saved my life and helped me see that sobriety is possible with discipline and hard work.

What an awesome experience!!

What an awesome experience!! The tools I learned here will follow me in my sobriety! I want to thank ALL the staff for their support and love. You will always be in my heart!!

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Our priority is to get you the lowest possible cost while delivering the highest quality of care.

Treatment Options

Residential Care

The residential treatment program at Mountain Vista Farm has been in continuous operation for over 50 years. Our licensed and accredited live-in program offers the sturdiest support for the early days of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, when the urge to return to alcohol or drugs may be strong.

Family Program

Clients’ families are encouraged to participate fully in our weekly Family Program, which includes a lecture series, introduction to community, supports for families, and a confidential process group.

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The first call to Mountain Vista Farm is often from family members, employers or close friends.
If you care about someone who has a problem with alcohol or other drugs and might need addiction counseling, please call us at (707) 996-6716.
Through telephone and face-to-face assessment, we make sure that Mountain Vista Farm is the right rehabilitation facility for the client.