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Offering intensive treatment for substance use disorders.

Mountain Vista Farm is a licensed and certified rehabilitation facility for adults 18 and over who need help with alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

Find addiction treatment in Sonoma County.

Mountain Vista Farm has been a beacon of hope and help since 1949 for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. As a licensed and certified rehabilitation facility for adults aged 18 and over, we offer a range of treatment options tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment is to make treatment accessible and affordable, even for those without insurance, so you can take the first steps towards recovery with confidence. With a comprehensive and therapeutic treatment program, we provide the support, education, and structure necessary for healthy and ongoing recovery. Don’t let addiction be a mountain you can’t conquer; thousands have found healing and a life of recovery with Mountain Vista Farm. Take the first step and call us today.

At Mountain Vista Farm, We Care.

Taking the first steps toward recovery from an alcohol or drug problem might look as hard as scaling a mountain.

There may, in fact, be a mountain of problems – hurt feelings, worry, loss, or debt. Getting through this can seem like an impossible task as long as drinking or drug use continues. The good news is that recovery is possible. For thousands, treatment at Mountain Vista Farm has led to a life of recovery. Call us to plan a visit today.

Mountain Vista Farm campus

Self-Pay Concessions

As the new year begins, let Mountain Vista Farm be part of your journey towards lasting transformation. Mountain Vista Farm is currently offering substantial discounts on our regular rates for self-pay clients. Our self-pay concessions are more than discounts—they represent our commitment to accessible, high-quality care for everyone.

Explore our Beautiful Campus

Our clients continue to find healing in our serene, private, secluded environment. Our therapeutic treatment program is balanced with recreation and wellness classes, conducted on our eight-acre campus with walking paths and outdoor pool.

Mountain Vista Farm campus

Plan Your Visit

The first call to Mountain Vista Farm is often from family members, employers or close friends. Through telephone and face-to-face assessment, we make sure that Mountain Vista Farm is the right fit.
Mountain Vista Farm campus
Mountain Vista Farm campus

Find Your Community Here

Find your community here. Our open meetings are a space for anyone to find shared connection and healing. Make plans to attend one of our weekly meetings on the Mountain Vista Farm campus.

Real stories from Mountain Vista Farm Clients:

John recovers from alcohol abuse

Kim heals her family relationships

Bob heals after over 30 years of using

Art conquers his alcohol addiction

Call anytime:

Accepted Insurance Providers


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...and more.

Our priority is to get you the lowest possible cost while delivering the highest quality of care.

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Treatment Options

Residential Care

The residential treatment program at Mountain Vista Farm has been in continuous operation for over 70 years. Our licensed and accredited live-in program offers the sturdiest support for the early days of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, when the urge to return to alcohol or drugs may be strong.

Family Program

Clients’ families are encouraged to participate fully in our weekly Family Program, which includes a lecture series, introduction to community, supports for families, and a confidential process group.

We are here to help you 24 hours a day.

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Explore Our Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services

The support, education, and structure of Mountain Vista Farm’s comprehensive and therapeutic treatment program can help you develop the commitment, skills, and resources necessary to establish healthy, ongoing recovery.