Residential Care

Residential care provides a very intensive, focused type of treatment. The 24-hour a day exposure to recovering people and recovery activities offers a type of support that may be critical in the beginning of the recovery process for many clients. Clients are often amazed to find their urge to use diminishes in this supportive environment and that they are able, with sufficient support, to maintain sobriety. The program helps them focus on creating a supportive environment for recovery outside of Mountain Vista Farm when residential treatment is completed.


If you have become physically dependent on alcohol or drugs, our detox program allows you to withdraw safely in an understanding, compassionate setting. Our Medical Consultants supervise the treatment team in caring for you and will order medications, if necessary. Mountain Vista Farm’s team has provided a safe withdrawal experience for thousands of clients who have needed detox from alcohol and drugs, including opiates (heroin and prescription opiates such as Vicodin and Oxycontin,) methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription drugs, such as benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax, Valium.) It encourages our detox clients to know that the majority of our staff understands the withdrawal process from their own personal experience. If you would more information, please see our extensive information about alcohol and drug addiction.


We will engage you in rehabilitation as soon as possible, usually on your first day-even during detox, if you are physically able. The rehab schedule includes a variety of activities: an educational series, group and individual counseling, relapse prevention training and participation in 12 Step support groups. The carefully structured four-week therapeutic program is balanced with recreation and wellness classes, often conducted in the outdoor pool. The program at Mountain Vista Farm is designed to support your recovery – body, mind and spirit. You can take the Video tour to see our beautiful and healing Recovery Center in Northern California.

Counseling and Education

Counseling, both group and individual, helps our clients sort through the distressing issues in a realistic way and to arrive at a plan of action that addresses any obstacles to recovery, including emotional obstacles. The emphasis at Mountain Vista Farm is on group work, since group work is a key to recovery. (We simply must learn how to use a network of human support for recovery and group helps us learn that.) Each client is assigned a Primary Counselor, who acts as a guide through the rehab process. Our counseling style is respectful and supportive.
Education is also an essential ingredient of treatment. The fact that someone wants to stop using drugs does not mean they know how to do that. Many people have made sincere efforts to stop on their own, but without the required knowledge and support, have been unsuccessful. Our educational series gives both clients and their families a firm foundation of understanding and skills for successful recovery. If at any time you would like to speak with someone about this very helpful aspect of our residential care program, please call us for support or to answer questions.

Relapse Prevention

Today, we know that relapse into alcohol or drug use is a process, rather than an event. In three classes per week, we instruct our clients in the skills necessary for avoiding relapse. Relapse Prevention Groups include topics such as “Dealing with anger,” “High risk situations,” and “Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.” A key to relapse prevention is recognizing the changes that occur before a relapse occurs, so the client can take action early in the process.

Family Program

familyYour family is included in treatment because they also need information, support and healing. Sunday is “Family Day,” when your significant others are invited (with your permission) to participate in educational and support groups. Your counselor will also schedule a family counseling session during your treatment.

There is some very helpful information available if you are a family member who has questions about treatment, please view our frequently asked questions, and also remember, we are always ready to answer your questions confidentially when you contact us.

Aftercare Program

Recovery takes time and continued support. The rehab process does not end with completion of primary treatment. In addition to community support groups, our clients are engaged in Continuing Care Groups (Aftercare) for up to two years after completing primary treatment. Groups are held weekly at Mountain Vista Farm and in two other Bay Area locations in Northern California.