We Care About Your Confidentiality.

As treatment professionals we have always been deeply concerned about protecting our clients’ privacy. At Mountain Vista Farm, we know that our clients need real peace of mind about their confidentiality—or it will be very difficult for them to come into treatment. We want to assure you of it.

The most compelling reason for private, confidential treatment is that, despite our current understanding of alcohol and drug problems, there is still great stigma in our society about drug abuse and addiction.  We have to be realistic: clients are very concerned about being judged and misunderstood. Potential clients may be fearful—and sometimes for good reason— that someone could use the information against them if they come to treatment. Our clients can rest easily, knowing that they have the right to specify who gets information about them and who does not.

The life-saving decision to address a problem with alcohol and other drugs is deeply personal and we must have a sense of safety to do take this on. Mountain Vista Farm is dedicated to that providing that sense of safety for clients and families. Our rural location helps assure clients about confidentiality. You’ll notice the lock on our website, indicating security for any communications.

Another great assurance: our protecting your confidentiality is the law. These issues are so important that our Federal and State legislatures have acknowledged the need for privacy and confidential of records through special legislation.

The Federal Regulations on Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Records (CFR 42 Part B) were passed in the early 1970’s to offer protection specifically for Alcohol and Drug records. In 1996, the legislature passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which extends privacy assurances for all medical issues.  Our state legislature has passed laws and written regulations completely consistent with the federal guidelines, giving further assurance.

Bottom line: your presence with us, your treatment, your health records are all fully confidential. We want you to know that at Mountain Vista Farm, federal laws, state laws, and the principles of effective treatment are all dedicated to protecting your confidentiality.