Patient Success Stories

Don’t let addiction affect you or your family any longer. We can help you regain your hope and you can recover.

These success stories will help you understand what you can achieve. Call us to take the first step today.

John recovers from alcohol abuse

Bob heals after over 30 years of using

Kim heals her family relationships

Art conquers his alcohol addiction

None of these individuals are paid actors. They are all real clients of Mountain Vista Farm.

Our clients continue to find healing in our serene, private, secluded environment.

Tree overlooking Mountain Vista Farm Facility

Amazing journey here!

Chef B. - Amazing Chef - Always made with love Charde, Earl, Donna, Tami, and the Doctor: Thank you for sharing your love, insight, and recovery. Amazing journey here!- MVF Alumni, Jan 2024

This has been a experience that has changed my whole outlook on life.

Yes, I came here to learn to manage and maintain my disease. I knew i had become powerless, however I didn't realize I would learn about brain function and why I was making certain poor choices and blaming others. I'm...
treat people with respect

I love witnessing the miracles that happen here.

A huge thing that sets this facility apart is the style of treatment. Having been in this field since 1996, here since 2006 and clean and sober since 1985; I have worked at a few treatment centers. Historically...

MVF has given me back my son, and I will be forever grateful.

Mountain Vista Farms gave my son a foundation to surmount the alcoholism that was on track to cost him his marriage, his home and his family—a mother’s nightmare. At the urging of his AA Sponsor, he agreed to go MVF at...

I have been sober ever since.

My life was out of control for many years until I landed at Mountain Vista Farm in August of 2018, and have been sober ever since. The location is just as beautiful as the staff that helped me to start my recovery...
mountain vista farm is a blessing

The recovery community at Mountain Vista Farm has always been a very special group of people.

I came to Mountain Vista Farm via Santa Rosa Junior College as an intern, working toward my Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification, and have been here ever since. Mountain Vista Farm is a huge blessing in my life....
Client Testimonial and beautiful tree

MVF gave me the start I needed.

I went to MVF when I was 27 yo. It was February of 1989. I was living down in San Diego and hit bottom. I had been working in restaurants. It wasn’t a good lifestyle for me. I was drinking every night I worked and more...
Client Testimonial from Carlos

I still consider MVF my home and a birthplace.

Checked in 12/27/90. Loved Jonathan’s 5 star cooking plus counselor George Salinger. A peaceful, serene environment helped me so much and prepared me for sober living. Loved going back for Sunday meetings and lunch....
Client Testimonial from kerry

My life is full of love, hope & gratitude.

January 14, 2012 I walked up the path to Mt. Vista & have been clean ever since. I knew I couldn’t do it alone & asking for help was the last thing I wanted to do but I needed help! I am grateful to have been...

The farm opened the gateway to a future I never imagined.

I came to the farm in April of 99 after 23 years of drinking and 8 years on crank. I thought the only way to get sober or die. After hitting bottom and a night of trying both. I woke to that moment of clarity. I called...