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Our treatment team of addiction professionals is comprised of registered, certified, and licensed counselors and therapists, along with consulting physicians and psychiatrists. In addition to their high level of training and experience in the addiction field, it helps our clients to know that many of our staff members are also in recovery. The structured schedule includes a variety of activities: A dynamic educational series, group and individual counseling, relapse prevention workshops and training, and participation in 12-step and other support groups. Our therapeutic treatment program is balanced with recreation and wellness classes, conducted on our eight-acre campus with walking paths and outdoor pool. The program at Mountain Vista Farm is designed to support your recovery – body, mind, and spirit.

The residential treatment program at Mountain Vista Farm has been in continuous operation for over 70 years. Our licensed and accredited live-in program offers the sturdiest support for the early days of recovery, when the urge to return to alcohol or drugs may be strong.

If you have become physically dependent on alcohol or another drug, our program helps you withdraw safely in an understanding, compassionate setting. Our state certified program, with physician-approved protocols, is clinically managed to make your withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible.