Meetings at Mountain Vista Farm

Programs at Mountain Vista Farm are designed to support your recovery – body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to join us on our beautiful campus for an upcoming meeting.

MVF has given me back my son, and I will be forever grateful.

For my son, MVF offered a life-line that he was able to grasp. He has nothing but praise for the staff and the program, and he made friendships there that will endure.

I have been sober ever since.

The location is just as beautiful as the staff that helped me to start my recovery journey.

mountain vista farm is a blessing

The recovery community at Mountain Vista Farm has always been a very special group of people.

Mountain Vista Farm is a huge blessing in my life. Watching people recover and develop strong recovery bonds is an amazing experience.

Client Testimonial and beautiful tree

MVF gave me the start I needed.

I went to MVF when I was 27 yo. It was February of 1989. I was living down in San Diego and hit bottom. I had been working in restaurants. It wasn’t...
Client Testimonial from Carlos

I still consider MVF my home and a birthplace.

Checked in 12/27/90. Loved Jonathan’s 5 star cooking plus counselor George Salinger. A peaceful, serene environment helped me so much and prepared...
Client Testimonial from kerry

My life is full of love, hope & gratitude.

January 14, 2012 I walked up the path to Mt. Vista & have been clean ever since. I knew I couldn’t do it alone & asking for help was the...

The farm opened the gateway to a future I never imagined.

I came to the farm in April of 99 after 23 years of drinking and 8 years on crank. I thought the only way to get sober or die. After hitting bottom and a night of trying both. I woke to that moment of clarity. I called a lot of spin drys and mountain vista farm was the only one that said come in now. With three days of white knuckling it, my wife drove me to the farm. At first glance I thought I was in one flew over the coocoos nest. I was willing to try anything. I slept for a couple of days and the work began. We worked the three steps on a daily basis. Had to pick feelings off a feeling chart every morning and I started getting cocky. I would come in singing feelings.

joshua smiling

Today I am still sober and thankful for mountain vista farm.

8-28-2018 I arrived at the farm. Today I am still sober and thankful for mountain vista farm. Also going back to school to finish my degree in...

Thank you so much for new beginnings.

I went to mountain vista on October 11, 2006. I’ve been sober for 16 years. I am very grateful for my experience there. The counseling, group, and...

Thanks for all you do.

Just wanted to let you know i was there on Jan 2005. Thanks to you and a woman named Sarah who taught me there could be a new way of life. She was...