Bulletin Regarding COVID-19 Virus

Mountain Vista Farm is taking the following precautionary measures in our ongoing commitment to our community’s safety, health, and future:


  • Social distancing is being practiced
  • Staff and client temperatures are being taken regularly and recorded. Any staff member feeling poorly, does not work until well
  • All staff members are required to wear sterile facemasks at all times
  • All clients are required to wear masks in the indoor common areas.
  • Public contact is strictly limited. Telehealth is being utilized for conferences, assessments, family counseling, and our family and aftercare program
  • Sanitizer and disinfectant are provided for use through the facility. Extra sanitizing stations have been added at the entrances and in common areas
  • Disposable masks and gloves are provided for clients and staff
  • All office and meeting spaces are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant

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