A huge thing that sets this facility apart is the style of treatment. Having been in this field since 1996, here since 2006 and clean and sober since 1985; I have worked at a few treatment centers. Historically speaking, rehab was designed to break the person down so they could be rebuilt. Here at MVF, we don’t operate that way!!! We believe that if we treat people with respect, people respond better, and we get much better results that way.

I love witnessing the miracles that happen here. So many miracles, from the smiling faces of the little ones that are full of joy to see the miracles in their loved ones, all the friends and family’s joyful moments to the lightness of the clients as they realize that they can be better.

I use the word ‘miracle’ often. It is true though: for the miracle is a changing of the mind from “I can’t” to “Yes! I can!”

– Serene, Per-diem counselor since 2006