I had been working in restaurants. It wasn’t a good lifestyle for me. I was drinking every night I worked and more often than not, I was doing cocaine. It allowed me to stay up longer and drink. I knew I was killing myself and I knew I had to quit. I always felt it was the coke that was killing me, but it always started with the alcohol. The only time I wanted to do coke was when I was drinking, so I had to quit drinking.

When I got to MVF, Mike was the director and he was the first person I talked to. He made me feel very welcome and at home. I didn’t know how this was going to go.
Everyone was so nice, the first morning, I couldn’t believe how much food there was and it was all so good.

I got my first exposure to AA. A guy spoke at a meeting and the big thing I heard was “We don’t drink no matter what.“

MVF was a great place for me and I haven’t had a drink in 34 years.
When my 28 days were over, I was placed in a half way house in SF called ARA. MVF completely set this up for me. They were great. My big mistake was not jumping in with both feet into AA. I did what was required of me at ARA, but I was doing things my way. BIG MISTAKE !! A couple months later I decided it was a good idea to smoke some pot… it’s just pot. Really stupid. I continued to smoke pot for another 15 years. I was miserable. I finally went back to AA and jumped in. I did it all. Your way, not mine. I’ve been completely Clean and Sober for 19 years now and have a life so much better that I could have ever dreamed of.

MVF gave me the start I needed and I believe they helped save my life. I still attend AA meetings regularly and things are going great for me. Thanks MVF.

Mike, Marin CA