Mountain Vista Farms gave my son a foundation to surmount the alcoholism that was on track to cost him his marriage, his home and his family—a mother’s nightmare.

At the urging of his AA Sponsor, he agreed to go MVF at the tail-end of a binge: just the latest in a series of progressively worse binges. MVF admitted him on 24-hours-notice.

The counselors and staff at MVF provided a secure and understanding environment that dealt head-on with the hard facts of his disease. They didn’t sugar coat the acknowledgments and hard work he had to do to never drink again; but at the same time, they offered him tools to tackle the social and psychological factors that exacerbate his disease. Staff worked with him to set up an excellent post-discharge out-patient support program. MVF safeguarded my son’s privacy, and required his specific written authorization to share any information—including even whether he was in their program.

MVF has given me back my son, and I will be forever grateful.

– , Vancouver, WA