I struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction for most of my life. I struggled with staying sober in 12 step programs.

On May 2022, I surrendered and checked into Mountain Vista Farm.

The staff immediately showed me unconditional love, which taught me how to love myself.

Now, one year sober,for the first time in my life, Mountain Vista Farm, plays a huge role in my recovery, and my continuing 12 step work to this day! I partake twice a week in their alumni and AA meetings, and the entire staff continues to love me unconditionally, every time I drive up there!

I graduated, in May 2023, and from the counselors, to the business office, the chef’s and ownership contuine to love and support me as they did, when I first arrived on May 1st 2022.

I wish everybody can find the love, lifelong friendship, and most importantly a life free from alcohol and drugs, that was taught and given to me by Mountain Vista Farms.

sober 4/1/2023

Antonino, San Francisco